Wednesday, September 2, 2009


today i wanna write sumthing brilliant. sumthing that makes sense. sumthing thoughtful, beautiful, n meanignful. but wat is it suppose to be? keep thinking z....thinking very hard now..o,o...looks like i have nothing in mind. wateva.

ha, got sumthing. lately my aunt n my cousin have been busy with the new hlovate books they bought online. it was their first shopping online. a very gud sense of humour the author has i would say. good books indeed. but i havent read it. n i am never going to. it's jus dat once my aunt finish her reading, i will have to know everything. not dat i ask. i was forced to listen to her. n yeah, force. n god knows how excited she was. at first i wonder wat was so special bout this hlovate. then i decided to flip through one of the book only to find out that i cant help but to agree wif my aunt.

i'm not into romance. strictly not into it. i mean, why look for it in story books if we can find one in real life? bluek. even fairy tales do not have happy ending after all. why look for the same story line if we can have something excitingly unexpected. like horror movies. now, dat is a different story. but that is wat we call entertainment. but again, different people, different watsoeva.

back to hlovate. is it true that there is love between hate. it took me quite sumtime to figure out the meaning of hlovate. see, how not genius i am. but then again i strongly agree wif the motion of the day. love between hate. i always hate my siblings. no love. actually, there is. but only a little. i love my mom. sometimes menyampah gak. it's normal. i am a rebellious teenager. otherwise i wont be here writing this stupid blog of mine.

for those who have read hlovate. well done. u guys have been succesfully engaging urself with a great comedy romantic, according to my sisterla kan coz she said that so far it was the best book she has ever come across. when she told me the setting of the story, it makes me dreaming of holland more dan eva. the tulip n the lavender. my aunt pnye pasalla ni. she is very fond of flowers. n dragging me along to become a die hard fan of floral2 stuff ni.

get back to u later. nk berbuka puasa. camat berbuka puasa.

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