Monday, January 3, 2011


2010 has been the best year ever in my life. the beginning of my life as a student pursuing my first degree in England and a year of wonderful journey. i shopped a bit. travelled a lot.been to places i'd never imagine in my life, did some volunteering and sports,been to an english school, learned how to swim, how to fence and how to ride a horse. and for all these great experiences, THANK YOU ALLAH...never stop counting my blessings...

our very first arrival in the uk. just look at those innocent faces.

my campus



drama staging
sandgate primary school

rome, italy

prague, czech republique

atomium, brussels, belgium

amsterdam, the netherlands

berlin, germany

disneyland, paris

eiffel tower, paris, france


roman bath

windsor castle

london bridge


volunteering at strodepark foundation

horseback riding

awesomest bestday bash

edinburgh, scotland

the biggest flowerpark in the world

second snowman

sledging moment

chelsea stadium

arsenal stadium


madrid, spain

stratford upon avon

cambridge day trip
all in all
wishing you guys a great and wonderful year ahead!