Thursday, June 24, 2010

edinburgh, scotland


edinburgh castle on the background


lesson well learned this time:

1. travel with a handbag instead of backpacking
2. switch off ur mobile when not used/sleep
3. wear YOUR shoes, not ur friend's which is obviously not ur size
4. finish off the scottish notes(which is strange. i mean, why would they produce different notes in the same country? isnt dat weird?)
5. bring extra brooch to avoid begging ur friend's when urs missing in action
6.don wear pink socks which looks sucks!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my bestday presents


the truth lies

stumbled upon this while forum walking, a simple fact, yet so many people find it difficult to understand:

I think Israel is the most Negative country in All over the world. Because it has a Great History of Killing/Kidnapping of Palestinian poeples. It has a History of snatching and occupying lands of the Palestinian/Labanese/syrian/jordinian.and it is the only country that is not recognised by many countries.

Israel should realise that the Land on which they made israel had been given by the Palestinian on humanitarian grounds when there wasnt any shelter for the Jews in All over the world and they were kicked off from the Europe.Isreal can make its efforts to make peace in the Middleast by withdrawing its troops from Palastinian Land..

Israel is the Root cause of Terrorism in all over the world.America supports Israel today because of its interests in Middle East wht will happen when America will stop its support?wht will be the future of Israel?

I m not against any nation but these r the facts we should think about to bring peace and stability in our World for our next generations.

before 1948 there where there was no Israel state on world map. but what israel makes people think is the other way round.


in summary, mmgla dasar x malu org dh kc tumpang, kene buang dgn hitler, jd refuge ke palestin, rampas tanah org, nk get rid of org, claim negara sendiri plak. dasar x kenang jasa, xde ati perut,dasar yahudi laknatullah! they can burn in hell.
(teremo plak)nk kate palestinians nk rampas tanah diorang? gi mamposla, terang tang2 ko tu bukan arab, and trang tang2 camne lak leh ade jewish nation leh sesat dlm tanah arab tu, lg nak kate diorang pnye piece of land?

dh sah2 dlm byk2 negara arab tu, tetibe ko secoek ade jewish nation, ikut logistiknye mmgla ko tu bukan asalnye kat situ, tanah ko tu bukan ko pnye, y omputih ni awatla x paham2 dok pikiq palestinians tu memberontak nk claim territory, dh mmg itu tanah diorangla bordos. geram sungguhla, rse nk cekik2 je korang ni.pardon me for the comment y x sound academic lnsung, ni lahir dr hati, so kene pkai local dialect.

p/s: the day we stop caring is the day our species is doomed.