Thursday, August 9, 2012

come back entry

‘welcome back’, that is how most people have been greeting us since we landed at the airport. To me, it sounds more like, ‘welcome back to reality, you have got a long year ahead’. So smile now and cry later, they keep reminding us. Being away for couple of years abroad, I begin to appreciate the smallest thing about Malaysia. If there is anything I missed the most, it is really the food. trust me, a cold sandwich for lunch is not really what you would fancy. So as soon as I landed, I was already in the mood of stuffing my face with all the fast food restaurants and everything under the sun I’ve been dreaming of for the past few years. however living away few miles away from home does not do me any favour in losing weight, ironically. the part i enjoy the most when it comes to food is, really, the turkish kebab. i can say that most of my body fat is made of kebab. only talking about it makes my mouth watered. The training? I’m looking forward to putting all those theories into practice although I am well aware that teaching reality is not as easy as it looks. I know I am in for a surprise but hopefully, I am well-equipped with the right gears and tools for the bumpy ride. Perhaps i am just going to leave the academic part and tell you in another entry because it is going to take you until tomorrow morning to finish reading it. Anyhow, when I was in England, I shopped a bit, and travelled a lot. As u know, I am very keen of travelling. Come Louis Voutton and Chanel, I would still choose Switzerland. See how much I mean my words. It is not so much of ticking the boxes, been there, done that. Not really about the destination, but more of a journey that has no end. If there is one thing I am so thankful about this experience, it is the journey. The process of learning so many things about other cultures and the world. It broadens my experience to the horizon which is beyond my wildest imagination and brings me back as a new person. Not to mention all the missed buses, trains, and flights. let's face it, I have no luck with public transport. truth be told, my overseas education includes nights of watching films, online shopping at the comfort of our own house, polishing my skills in cooking(not to say that i'm not good at it) assignments, travelling, datelines to meet, and did i mention assignments? which some might say quite a balanced uni life. but to be honest, i do feel like i've missed out on something. i didnt get to spend much time wif my siblings especially my beloved younger brother and missed quite a precious moment in his growing up. i was not there for him, and couldnt help much with his education. a lot of catch up to do later on his life. now that i never miss to go home every weekeend i look forward to give free tuition during the weekend. (so far this just refers to us watching x men). All in all couple of years abroad has really changed the way I look at things.even though three years is not that long, but to be perfectly honest, I do feel the so-called culture shock. I know, cliché, right? But it really surprises me how the system works. I would never see this significant differences if I have not been there. Since I have, it is so hard to ignore. It’s a shame how people are not fond of thanking people in Malaysia. Let alone to be kind and help us out with anything else.and another thing that impresses me the most over there is the punctuality. When the British say a time, they mean it. Unlike us Malaysians, who are at the bottom of the list when it comes to punctuality.Having said this, it is something for me to reflect. And I have decided that it would be for me to bring the positive change and to leave all the negatives there. The master plan is, not to work against the society but to work with it. I know coming from a kampong background, and blessed with such an opportunity to even board an airplane, I will never stop counting my blessings. Now the phase is over, it is time to serve the country. As much as I would love to stay there and do even more travelling, it is time to pay back for this precious experience. Everything comes at a price. No more sitting idle in the comfort of my own room , doing online shopping and using up all the allowance. i'm going national. It is time to educate the nation. Pro patrio mori. and yeah, here is a self adoring image of myself.enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I can almost imagine ur voice when I read ur post. Good luck zack! I know u'll be an awesome teacher..

zz said...

thanks....spe ni ek?

Emira said... this is me, zack.
i love ur lexical phrases. mind me asking fr free tuition?

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