Saturday, February 27, 2010

random thought

my life is awful! i wish i could shut it down!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 ways to waste time

i know that, being a teenager is the most confusing time in my life. life as a teenager in university so far for me has been fairly assignments and assesment.n today we have got back the marks for our ict assignments. n i'm glad that i pass this one too. forget the far-fetched A, but as far as i'm concerned, all i need to do is juz pass.ok, let's face this, i aint no good at assgnments.n never will.i have been wasting my time too much and if there is one thing i am gud at in this world, it is wasting time! anyhow, since that allowance is till some way off, let's waste ur time too by looking at how exactly i waste my time effectively..

1. trying to beat the hell out of kasparov chessmate i've downloaded from the internet(easy level pdhal, haha) the player always outsmart my instinct, but still, it's hard for me to give up the believe that i'm good at playing chess! i was born to play chess my dad used to tell me...

2. blogstalking complete strangers (it is soo much fun)

3. pretending hard to be a good cook by everyday cooking nonsense( trying out new ridiculous recipes, all that involves onions because i seemed to have developed this ridiculous fear of garlic!)

4. practise magic card tricks (so i can perform some skilfull trick to ivon again on the next birthday party)

5. learning french from the cd and dictionary my sis sent me. (it is tought to be a contemporary and sophisticated language and the language of love my sis said, n i fall for that trick)

6. jamming in my own room(me sucks at plucking)

7. looking at the photos of garden....and flowers...(it makes me fall in love again)

8. reading the sexology part in psychology magazine and also the lucrative topic like hundred ways to loose weight, get rid of those calories,banish belly fat or something like that(the former occupier of my house hasnt stopped her subscription so yeah i juz make the most out of it)

9. check out the latest csi series and video bangang kat utube untill my eyes sore!

10. sleeping is probably the most effective ways to waste time for a hopeless person like me. not the night sleep which is of course, beneficial.

and i finally i would juz end up staring at these four walls again and try to think about the last time i had a gud time...only by looking at this list,i realise that i've wasted more time than i will care to admit!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my lovely lil brother


wonder where did he get that cowboy hat?

in my busy life, though i know it, i don't find time to realize how much i love the ones closest to me: my parents and siblings. but now, away from family for quite sometimes, I realized it pretty strongly!, this is my younger brother mohd zulfadhli. the spoiled one in the family and he has got the attention of evrybody! including me. given the fact that he is the only boy we have and the youngest one, he is the central love of evryone in the family. the fact that he has been through so much at such an early age always hurts me. sis told me that mum is gonna be transferred quite far from home this time(selangor if i am not mistaken) and that leaves him with no one but my aunt to look after him. i cannot imagine how lonely he must be. i know he can cope well wif evrything, he always does. but he's only a nine year old boy after all. (although he doesnt look like one). i feel so hopeless right now for not being able to call him and hear his naughty little voice which always insists me on buying some cool stuff for him so that he can show them off to his friends. as far as i could remember, he is such a sweet lil boy no one can resist to love. he rarely gets on my nerves like my other sisters always do and he'll do obediently watever i told him too. was it love or fear? i dunno either. but i'm pretty much sure how nice he can be to us. i still remember the day he offered to buy me a nice ice cream when he has got some little money with him and i could choose the best one in the store. how funny he is, i should say. the way he asked me some silly questions, too silly i couldnt help myself laughing. looking back, i'would give anything for that moment now. i dunno why but such thoughts always make me miss home more than ever. as i write this down, i can feel the tears pooling in my eyes.more than ever, i'm very proud of this little person in my life!

Saturday, February 6, 2010