Monday, July 4, 2011

growing up

back then, when i was small, dad used to bring us to the seasides or waterfalls for a family vacation. but being a young child who didnt loike nature that much, i used to beg for something more adventurous like sunway lagoon or any other famous waterpark and tourist attraction. but he said 'no, i cant afford that kind of luxury' i mean with the 7 of us, we couldnt really afford to go anywhere with fares. so my parents decided it was all gonna be waterfalls and seasides. mom cooked the meal and off we went. simple as it is. the cheapest my parents could think of u. but i'm glad they've ever done something like that u know. now that i get to travel the world, i miss waterfalls and seasides.

anyways, there were 7 of us and in every journey, we always fought who get to be in mom's car. nobody wanted to be in dad's. hardly know why. i didnt care much really. other than the fact that he was (and still is) a reckless driver, i was always good to go.the thing is, wif my family, the bigger wins. so we used to end up wif my older sister and me got to be in whichever car we liked(the bless of being the early borns). the same rule applies when the balik raya time comes. but fadhli seems to start accepting his fate being in dad's car. he never gave a damn really.

honestly, i really miss those moment of growing up. we used to fight for everything in life. everything, u name it. clothing, books, toys (which we hardly had any) and any other stupid things u can think of including car seat.during my days of riding, we had sort of seating territories where nobody can enter someone else's. this, occasionally resulted in a serious fight of territories. and mom would pull over anywhere and threatened to throw us out of the window if we didnt stop. which normally worked. yeah i know, so stupid. but now that we all live far from home, i terribly miss them.

i still remember we only had one ringgit for canteen time. and we needed to ask for another 50 cent if we would like to buy a drink. and if my memory still serves me right, mom raised the pocket money to 1.50 a day when i grew a bit older. but i can assure u, it used to be only one ringgit because i still remember the pain of having to choose between the meal with a chicken, and a drink, owing to the fact that the meal with chicken would definitely finish up my money leaving me with no other choice but to drink from the tap (i know, disgusting) but that's what children do. they drink tap water. whether u know it or no. alternatively, i would just ask from any of my siblings. well, all of us were in the same school, so not having some pennies isnt really a tough life if u have a good sister.

we used to share secrets. most of the time secret about boys and crush (u know, girlish stuff). my sis's deepest darkest secret is just in my pocket.and mine is in hers. so technically i would know whoever my sis got crushed with and she, mine. i would always use it against her when she messed up with me and she wud enjoy the same pleasure. there u have it. mutualism. but when it comes to the art of blackmailing no one can really beat my other sister. she would know everything about us and gave us hell for starting a fight with her. so we used to stay away from her.but now, if someone has got a boyfriend, need not to announce, the world will know. and blackmailing is no longer trendy.

then we got into boarding school. all of us. and we did see each other a lot. given that we went to the same school. after finishing high school everyone chooses different path in life. my older sis is graduating in her engineering course in september, i am becoming an english teacher real soon, the 3rd one is doing pharmacy in australia, the 4th is doing her preparation for dentistry in the uk, the 5th is sitting for spm this year, the 6th one is in form 2, while the last one is still being pampered at home by my aunt's family. mom was tranferred to Damansara and the little one is now schooling with his cousins.

funny how things work. but i used to really hate my siblings. but now they mean the world to me. i'm proud of them i can never tell,(call me bragging, in fact, my chest is swelling with pride. it would be a blatant lie if i say i am not!) to be honest, i think it's an achievement for a poor family like us. Alhamdullilah rezeki tuhan nak bagi. and never stop counting the blessing! looking back, i wish i could provide a better life for my children (not not saying mine is horrible) but they would definitely get to go to the waterpark!

raya 2007 (y 3 kat depan to silap theme. it was supposed to be green yaw!)

raya 2008

raya 2009 (now for 2 years, that is one same setting!)

raye 2010 (is it just me or did anyone else notice that fadli has never grown up since the first photo? strange kid, time seems to stop for him, and he is trapped in the same body every year!)

to conclude this entry,

no matter what we do

and how we do it

'we start and end wif a family'

aure voir, a plus tard!


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zz said...

to us!

EmIRA said...

O ma god, I love ur writing!

zz said...

and me, yours!

dannyism said...

abe! emi nk rmpas u dr i! i also love ur writing wat!
it has been so long taw x! n btw,these are da pics of my in law's =)

zz said...

has been while since k mir bermadu kasih beby ni pun...jgn gado2 k. malu kokram

dannyism said...

tapi, i thot dh cerai?? huhu.. ok, new vocab! malu kokram. what is that??

zz said...

malu kat orang.... (bunyik ganu, yela kate nk kawin dgn org karak koya ganu? guano?

zz said...

malu kat orang.... (bunyik ganu, yela kate nk kawin dgn org karak koya ganu? guano?