Friday, August 27, 2010

fasting month


been too busy enjoying life now.... looking forward to see all my siblings coming home a week before eid....hopefully everyone will safely be home soon. yes, including u imah. get all those visa stuff done as soon as u can dear, coz honestly, it wont be a fest without u, so do come home. surely it would be wonderful with everyone around this eid...i wish this is the perfect timing to bond with my family, yes.

meanwhile, i am home busy sleeping and counting the days to raya. childish, i know. given that my old number has been destroyed by the evil cash deposit machine back in the uk , i finally got myself a brand new celcom number. yes, my family is a celcom family. just stick with that ok. hmmm, i hate my new number it starts with 010. well, how lame is that? i got it once i arrived and someone has been harassing me ever since, tell me now, am i that gorgeous?

my first two attempts of baking shows a lack of sign that i am cut for it. but never stop trying, i told myself. need to be a cool mom someday, rite? anyhow, i realise that i am painfully bad at
it. then i begin to wonder why i would ever assume i'm gonna be good at it. cool mum, quite positive about that, but baking higly unlikely.

last sahur was the first time i didnt wake up for sahur. actually, i did but just for some apple juice in the fridge coz umi kept saying something about amik berkat sahur. so i just drink and dream. dgn x gosok giginye...yikes. slame ni kalo makan sahur selera kalah berbuke. but today is just an exception.

hmmm. wat else, not much to write really, but wait till those people get home. my schedule will be packed man, pillow talking till morning, yu ya here and there....owh how i miss the good old days....a week feels like a year now...there's no point i'm ranting down here.....a week is a week. how i wish now i could forward the time struggling here...

happy independence day

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