Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

the good morrow

tomorrow i'll be off to london. for the msd raya celebration. we'll depart quite early in the morning. try to find some sweet time enjoying the trip maybe? or juz in case we get lost, we might have some spare hours to wander hopelessly around london city. i suppose some friends of mine are already there in london. but this is not a race to the finish line so it's ok. eventhough i am entirely excited bout this trip, taking the responsibility to go there on our very own is giving me a fright of getting lost in one of the most well known city in the europe .wat a pessimist person i am. one of my friends keeps telling me that. n i couldn find any reason not to agree wif her. yes, i am a pessimist person. i juz love to view things in a very negative way. i juz cant help it. always think of the worse, my aunt did tell me.

for sure, some of my friends will put on their best outfit for there are going to be a lot of malaysians students at the function. n mind u, there are all students. n students are educated. n girls like educated guys. so, it's a simple maths, the chance of meeting someone there is as high as catching a cold during winter. haha. wat an unwelcoming joke. never thought of taking part though. i wonder if someone would ever become interested in lying his eyes on me. i always appear poor and unattractive. that's why.down to earth abis.

unexpectedly, we are already given some reading to do by the lecturers in the earlier classes and they needed to be done before our next classes. even so, the idea of interpreting that 'good morrow' thing on our own has turned me into a living zombie. or in other words, i cant even tell u guys wat it is all about. i doubt it if anyone in my class can. looking up for things in the internet is a taboo set by mike n i would not want myself to get used to it.wif all the plagiarism software n stuff like that, it would be better if i get used to keeping my brain in an active mode. but, after reading it like several times it is still too poetic and abstract i cant hardly tell the geez of it. n now, googling it it seems more tempting than usual. oh my, hopefully by reading it for few more times, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

i've been eating my own nasi goreng from the past few days n i'm sick of it. why cant i eat something else? kfc ke, mcd ke. coz eating is the only way to survive a boring moment like this. i mean, is there anything else? somewhere deep inside here i miss my family. i frankly do. ema is right. the difference in timezone is separating us. i may sound homesick but i am. discovering i am miles away from family, i feel lonely. oh my God, i AM homesick. n my credit is running zero. i am conciously aware of my feeling now, and it is homesick. got a lot of things rushing into my head now. cant stay focus anymore. gotta go.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

new life, here i come.

nothing. juz feel like posting an entry here. diz morning some of my friends were scarily harassed by some naughty english boys. never mind. at least we know how they perceive us. ladies with that thing over our head. of course we are scared. living in a society where muslims are frowned at n wondering whether we are terrorist or not. given the fact that we are not even close to minority here, yes, this tends to worry me. but then i talked to my aunt bout this n i come to realize soon enough that we shouldn be afraid at anything but Allah, our creator. nothing will happen if not in his will. so, i prefer to be frowned at.

i'm afraid that autumn means the start of the university year. which reminds me of the classes we have to attend for the rest of the term. enough wif all the settling down. i've had enough of pound sterling spent on clothing. it's surprising i still have got a list of stuff to buy. despite the fact i've bought a month stock for food, something still went missing. deciding to convert every single penny i have into ringgit malaysia doesnt make me feel better at all. i feel exceedingly guilty everytime i look at the price. picturing how hard my parents earn the money, i always end up buying nearly nothing at all. if only i can juz ignore that feeling, life will be easier for me.

while money is forever a delicious topic, i'm here to pursue my degree. so here we go, classes. anxious about the beginning of the term, adjusting with a totally different weather from our homeland makes me too occupied to be homesick. not juz yet i guess. but sooner or later, i will be. nothing has really started yet for the class. only some introduction by the tutors on blablabla. u know, same old, same old. academic is as usual, boring. there's a lot of need-to-know theory yet to be discovered. hate the sound of it.

n yeah, i've juz signed up for fencing n drama club. n only God knows how excited i was this morning when i met that gorgeous guy at the fencing booth. unfortunately, things happen. i only made a fool of myself when i fell down like a nangka busuk in front of him. i was sooooo embarassed when he pulled me up onto my feet, seriously,i felt like a moron at that time. aaaargh....malunye. i wish i've seen that one coming. dhla extremely cute, pkai pulak bju fencing. he really suits my definition of 'hensemnyeee!!!!". why cant he be my boyfriend?

things are not really started yet but here i am, thinking of going to scotland for this winter. i am so keen of travelling i cant help daydreaming about edinburgh. now, it's the end of summer n it's quite chilly out there. my house is always warmer at night. by the way, i love it when the cold breeze blowing at my face. it makes me feel fine. perhaps because we dont experience such weather back in malaysia. though we do experience the rainy one. they keep saying that we brought the rain along when we first arrived in the uk. so wat? serve them right.

over here, everynight is a party night. forever party. so we've decided to throw our own party. be it wild party or bachelor party or foam party, we are having it in a very islamic way. hehe. watever it is, we still can have fun. visiting each other's house while comparing theirs to ours. n obviously my room is still the smallest so far. i smell unfairness here.unlucky me.

hit u back asap. gotta go. cheers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

now it's juz about time for my raya entry. today i've been sleeping and surfing all day long. tomorrow will be the first day of eid n i was crying like hell when i woke up this morning. homesick. miss my grandmom the most. dunno y everytime i look at the kain smayang tears will be running at my cheeks. it reminds me of her. on the first place i've made up my mind to bring the old telekong wif me coz i love it so much. myb my friend's lost trigers me something. this is gonna be my first raya away from home. away....

Friday, September 18, 2009

more pics means less words. wat a lovely view...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

syukur Alhamdulillah

finally. i'm here in England. thank u Allah for such a bless. pardon me for the showing off but i am so excited to be one of those who are pursuing their studies overseas. i do admit that over here the grass is greener but still, malaysia is the best n as they always say, home is where ur heart is. by the way, my jetlag is still not doing me any good but i'll be fine really soon. adjusting my biological clock is not sumting that i can do in a day. so, so long for now. let me settle down first n find sumthing interesting to write. be back when i'm back.