Thursday, August 27, 2009

it's gonna be a long entry

the pre-departure briefing .basically, it was over. finally. but the hardest part is the waiting part...n b4 i forget, ramadhan is here. n then it will be syawal's turn. n wat is dat supposed to mean? celebrating my first raya away from family. i know i sound very calm but i am. luckily i've finished wif all the packing. actually it was my grandmom who did all the packing. i didnt bother at all. juz threw all my stuff into the luggage n dat's job was done.thanx to enrich grad for allowing us another extra ten kilos.

back to my story of the predeparture briefing. i'm dying to tell u sumthing mr blog. i am a rich person. at least i think i am. to tell u the truth, i have no bloody idea wat i'm gonna do wif my cash. it is mine. n mine only. like, who cares ? neway, pardon me for the showing off, but i'm so very hepi to be a rich person. cant help picturing myself buying stuff and travelling around the europe with the cheque. haha. ok, enough z, u can continue dreaming later but for now, wake up!

after getting my 5 months allowance in advance during the pre departure briefing, i feel like the world is mine. bluek. hehe. the real thing i feel as a rich person is dat worrying my life away. n not to forget the travellers cheque. thank god it is covered by insurance. otherwise i must have built a safety box in my house. cant imagine how a millionaire always feels about his money.

my lounge suite is too loose. before this, i thought i will not fit in the measurement but it turned out the other way round. myb i need to gain more weight to fit in.haha. more weight. wat a scary words. by the way, i look like a moron inside it. altering last minute would be annoying. for some reason, i dont wanna wear it. but refusing to wear dat thing is not an option for me.

my flight will be on the 13th of september. uk, here i come. i might as well enjoy my first journey on a flight. i've never been in one. pathetic, am i? but again, who cares. the thrill is always there. n the fright of involving in a car crash as well. although i am really not sure how the journey would be but i know i will remember it for the rest of my life. congratulation to myself for being the first one in my family. i know my dad is very proud of me. who wont?

i remain curious of what might happen b4 i fly. wat if i dont make it b4 september? or, wat if i get a flu n then i die? or wat if sumthing bad happen n then i will still die? nauzubillahiminzalik. tp kalo dh ajal nk wat camne kan. my mom said it should be the last thing on earth i should worry about. yet, diz is still my last ramadhan here. n it will still be after another three years.

ramadhan has been more than a week, and i've mastered a lot of recipes already.ngeh3. i love to cook most of the time. especially when i am in a cooking mode. i've learned a lot for the past few months n thanx to acu n umi for that. not that i dont love u mom, but we dont get to be together very often. dat still doesnt make u a bad cook after all.

watever it is or watever i shall leave behind, i'm sure some people will miss me.gonna spend my last meaningful moment wif family.....n learning french.

Monday, August 10, 2009


yes, you read the title right...i am.. i never can remember where do i put my phone after using it. never.n never had i cooked without getting myself burnt.wat an annoying gene i had inherit from my mom.n my grandmom told me that i will get killed one day if i keep myself doing work in the kitchen for the next 30 years...after all, nothing to be ashamed of...right? it is sooo me.

Monday, August 3, 2009

dear blog

please don get me wrong, but i't just suck when u cant control urself from being fat. lately i've been eating like mad. like i'm not gonna eat for the rest of my life. God help me! i'm losing my mind. gaining another kg is my greatest fear right now and yeah, not to mention the unfinished ridiculous assgnment i need to submit in two weeks time.wish me gud luck for dat.. i really need it. i mean, the Graphic organizer was fine but the reflection, i couldnt even use my brain to think bout it. the real pain is to write it in a formal language which is obviously not my speciality. and dat's all. tengkiu for turns out that blogging is boring. at least for the time being.

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sunway lagoon...






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