Thursday, September 30, 2010


actually, yes. i feel like a looser. the fact that allowance is way far ahead from us doesnt help much. instead it's just adding salt to the wound. my second year has just started and my life is already a disaster. not a gud start i guess. ok time for some quick update.

here is the list of subjects for this term, not many bother to know but to my stalker setia out there, i appreciate u guys. and to make it clear to everyone that i didnt come here for the sole reason of travelling(although it might be) but to get a degree. and some details of my course would do the explanation

english language teaching methodology 2
language awareness for the teacher of english 2
teaching english across curriculum-
teaching literature
investigating english
contemporary language study(french)-elective module which i like most

everything has to do with teaching and english. rase muak dn jelak dgr. nasib bek ade french y bring some lights to my miserable life. the first french class was a lot of fun. with us singing the alphabet together....i was like 'wat the hell am i doing here?' .' and then again, there's no magic formula for learning a new language, everything has to start from a scratch. but really, it was fun. but most importantly, that guy from libya is cool. naseb bek zu cop that bulgarian guy, xyah nk berebot.and the french teacher is pleasant too.not like the US one we had this afternoon. 3 hours class feels like 3 years.....wat a long day we had.

so everything is a bit here and there. i feel like loosing, hence, the title looser. the work starts to pile up. torn between looking for a job or not. my room looks like a loser's room. and loser is becoming my favourite word. so many issues here. need to pay the bills. need to lose some weight i've put on(praying every single day i can be the biggest loser). need to find a boyfriend to listen to my ranting( which is a very difficult task) my life is a mess. and it is messier without someone to talk to someone to listen to me and my problem. and as a resullt, readers of this blog is victimised by this stuff i'm babbling about.(my apologies) serabut sungguh. oh serabutnye entry ni! xde lansung thesis statement dgn topic sentence.

this is the freaking first week of my second year, and i'm freaking messed up. God gimme the strength. i'm having some kind of a headache.. as the official owner of this blog, i have every right to cry in my own blog. as if anybody cares about me. after all, i'm a loser.....


Friday, September 17, 2010