Saturday, July 31, 2010

best shot


i am so ugly back then i dont wanna live. urgh!!!!!! btw, browsing some old folders and happen to come across this one and decided to pick it as one of my best shots around europe.i mean the background not me,frankly, i look like some kind of moron back is no better.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's me again

well, perhaps surfing is a greater waste of time. at least writing may allign ur thoughts togethe. yet i still find it hard to come out with a great piece of writing about my journey. i could have written about the super long disaster train journey from prague to rome or even worse about how i got myself seriously burnt in rome yet i need some momentum. unfortunately, having nothing to look forward waking up in this small new house, loosing some weight is not an option.

honestly, this is nothing more than random daily rant from a bored temporary housekeeper. after all, everyone needs to keep their houses rite? back to my travel experience, i doubt if there is still much to write about my trip as i prefer telling them first hand to my mates. it's a lot more enjoyable telling things with expression and appropriate gestures which subconsciously i know i'm good at.

when this writing could be written separately, i've finally decided to cramp all the experiences into one short entry so it wont burden me anymore. i know nobody bothers to read em all but honestly i feels like owing somebody. so i shouldnt mess up with wat is already a boring blog.

eventually, i figured that too long on the road turned out to be not so much fun after all. we got easily tired and fell asleep after every hotel check in. obviously the long journey is to blame. i sometimes wondered if i had included sleeping in my travel plan.

the next funny thing i shall have to tell u is the fact that my friends and i started to develop this ridiculous obsession of vanding machine. i couldnt help but to join her adventure of vanding machine obsession. it was sooo irressistible. everytime we came across one, i would end up with a bottle of soft drink. given the fact that the mystery of me having diabetes is still not resolved, this is totally annoying . i blame the european union for having too much of them in every inch of the metro station.

and yeah, did i tell u about the berlin experience? for those shoppers, it's truly a heaven but since shopping is not really my thing, i go for adoring the apartment more. it surprised us when we found out it's a studio apartment with view, i mean, i have heard of studio, but i never knew that they have got kitchen. and the best part is the washing machine! i'm aware that this might sound like jakun but after 3 days, washing machine sound so good to my ears. i mean, first vanding machine, then washing machine and then wat? cash machine?

i have to congratulate myself for my succesful and completed mission of sending postcard from every each of the countries. it was the first thing i did when we first arrived, the postcards and the stamps. and i found myself hilariously repeating the same lame sentence in every place i went. it goes like this 'dear wateva, i'm in u-know-where, it's awesome. wish u were here, love, me.' i just changed the name and the adjective sometime, sometimes it will be lovely. i know, lame.....but it's just the typical me. lame.

i did a lot of jaris this time. jaris are everywhere. i fear the jaris has becoming a permanent habit of mine just like a habit of closing the door when u enter a bathroom. it's hazardous, i mean the jaris, not the door.. it's not surprising to me if one day grandma has to puke seeing the same pose every there and then. i knew i was supposed to do something about it but after some lousy attempts to change my jaris to the other side or the back of my hand, i know it has finally become a part of me.

over the past few days, i slept a lot so i know it's a lame excuse to stop writing now but still i have to...( what happen to all the cramp into one short entry thing?) pray for me to remain alive tomorrow morning to finish this burdensome storytelling.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

long time no post

i've never failed to realise that my blog has been full of photos recently but that is not the case anymore. having completed my first year of my degree, i was duly attached to my travelling agenda and now, i am worn and weak from the prolonged journey home. believe it or not i stil got another month ahead before i see malaysia again. what i'm gonna occupy myself with in such a long waiting i have no idea yet.

the reader may set me down as showing off but let me be for i have quite too much time to write about this trip of mine. let me start off with belgium, our very first destination. brussels is certainly not a difficult city to find ur way around. with the help of metro map and some unused metro tickets, we were ready to embark on our trip. (some advice, dont bother to buy one coz no one cares) travel in brussel metro is unofficially free i suppose.

as for centre of tourist attraction, the grand place is really the place u should go while in brussesl, other than that, optional. this is where u can find various type of chocolates with the price u can never imagine. worth buying if u ask me. and the manneken piss, or the peeing boy is certainly a funny trademark of brussles! and did i mention atomium and mini europe? it's awesome to say the least. stupendous to say the first. if u are going to die tomorrow, and know that u'll never gonna see europe in ur life, mini europe is the place u should go to. all the significant monuments recorded in europe, including eiffel tower and colloseum, u'll find their replicas in this wondelful place. i felt like a giant human kicking around the buildings haha.

yet in every place in the world u will find urself terribly annoyed with something and there is no exception in belgium. surprisingly, i was harrased( shall i call it harrasment?) by the beggars! there was this dirty girl who kept following for money and scared the hell out of me! u should really see my face the moment i pretended to ignore her and made a total ass of myself. she's nut. and for one second, i thought she's never gonna stop. and then came this friend of mine to the rescue. she gave that girl a coin and off she went to her smiling mother and she said gud job dear! (presumably)

but the worst part is yet to come, while we were spending some last hours waiting for our bus in belgium, another girl, (or shall i call her beggar? doesnt sound like a very nice character, does it?)
came to me with a cup asking for money and having learned that a coin will send them off, i put one into the cup in an attempt to get rid of her. to my surprise, she gave the coin back to one of my friends and made some sign language that she didnt want that small donation, only a bigger sum of money she will accept. i know if u are not a swearing person u will go what??? but if u r one, then u will go, watdehek???

enough with the beggars story at least i managed to buy myself some boxes of belgian chocolates which costs me a fortune and not a single souvenir from brussels except for several boxes of the finest belgian chocolates. and one more thing, the belgic, they dont speak english at all only a blend of french and dutch in which neither we speak in but which countries have been to. or they just pretend not to because they dont wanna look so welcoming for tourist to ask for direction.

gotta go,

coming up next,

berlin and bradenburger tor....

prague, czech republic