Monday, November 23, 2009

westgate garden, canterbury

the highest peak in canterbury where u can see the view of the whole town from here

it's a maze playground.

this is a horse

n this is a pig

a fountain where u can throw coin to wish for a gud luck.(i was thinking of stealing some)

magical autumn....

nearly dark

the tower house

westgate garden

notice the swans? well i didnt get to feed them...

door to the secret garden

it's the famous canterbury cathedral and a gud spot for photography. in case u didnt notice me in the pic, look carefully.

that's all, thank u for watching!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

these two videos make my day

wedding culture in the west is really fun

divorce can be something memorable too

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

despite all the disease, i'm still eating nonsense

if there is one thing i'm gud at, it's making an outline for assgnment. juz five minutes of concentrated mind and i'm done. i find this a bit difficult to believe, but there u go, my outline.hahaha. i have been particularly fortunate to have it done by today after spending hours of last night watching movies. it has become synonym with me eh? this culture of watching movie. i should get a life, should i?

well, lebara website is under maintanence. n that is not good. the idea of walking to asda for the sake of 5 pound topup is harassing me ever since. i cant believe this org putih, having to listen to that woman telling me to arrange my topup irritates me every single time i wanna make a call. why cant she juz shut up? i dont pay to listen to her.feel like yelling to her face, "there is enough forces in that! i know i need to topup but at least let me make a call, bcoz i still havent used my free minutes, u predictable programmed-machine-voice".(i dunno if this is the right term for it)

i am now ridiculously suffered from a disease. i dunno wat people call it, but it keeps me from staying late at night. i easily fall asleep lately, i mean, my soring eyes is forcing me to turn the light off everytime i put my head on the pillows (i've got like 3 pillows, bcoz i love having pillows around me while sleeping). the real roblem is, this happens everynight especially those weekend night when i am supposed to be bitching, camwhoring and clubbing( i've never done this actually, but it's another cooler way of saying i spent my time gossiping with zu), even so, i know, they dont do me any good.

for some unpleasant reason, i've juz finished reading 5 books under the topic of love and war. ok, i didnt read them. i wrote that juz to make me sound remarkably intelligent. i juz skimmed for the content and looks like this particular skill of language development always fails me. but, i decided not to get intimidated by that and proudly declared i'm done with u guys(refers to those books) and i'm gonna put u back where u belong, which in this case, augustine house, the self check out machine. so off i go to this thousand-miles-of-walking-distance library that officially belongs to my university. it belongs more to the city centre if u ask me.

i know the title of this entry is misleading, somehow i couldn help myself writing juz that.

Monday, November 16, 2009

stalingrad diary

rf04, ict lesson, 4.15 p.m. waktu uk

while others were still struggling with theirs pc's and desperately waiting for carol to call it a day (silently praying she'd do it earlier than it supposed to be), a conversation was going on in the corner of the room. it went on like this:

kang jun sang: ok, let's move on to the next nonsense lak.

axkaiosi: jap, nak cari cd katne? kat task tu ade cd kan?

kang jun sang: jap aku pggl carol, carol, we need a help here...(hand up in the air, x sabar nk show off)

carol: yes...( tone as dreamy as usual)

kang junsang: by the way, we have done with our task 6..... (pdhal aku y buat seme) well u know, some students they finish fast....(dgn air y angkuh, riak, bongkak, takjub, ujub,etc.)

tgk2 belakang nk amik cd for the last task jek, bru prasan, besepah budak len dh lame start task 7 y last...muahahaha, mmg terburai gelak kat situ jugak......rse nk pengsan hahaha...mcm dh kua air mate nk gelak bile teringat muke kang junsang dgn skripnye, "well u know, some students, they finish fast..." d heck?

the end
name sebenar adalah dirahsiakan bagi merahsiakan maruah bersame...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

u might wanna know

here is the thing, i feel like i'm living a boring day, over and over again...and i feel like the summer is leaving again. i've been spending half of the day convincing myself it is saturday. seriously, i feel lonely as hell. feeling deeply grateful for this room of mine n mine alone, i shouldnt be whining, should i?

it seems to me that i'm still struggle on wear to start with the usual. personally, i dont care much this time. but a part of me does. the way i see it, come on, it's our first year, nothing much to worry. juz pray hard they wont fail us.

since i've got almost nothing to say(nvr run out of excuse to escape work), let me tell u a few facts about me that some of u guys might not be interested at all. tell u what, don bother to read this if u are not ready for a strictly full-of-shit piece of writing. don blame me for not warning u.

things i like

  1. travelling. the most awesome part is the showing off time!
  2. violent movies. to be precise, gory blood spilling scene which always thrills me everytime i come across one. (call me a freak, i don mind)
  3. bell bottom jean.i always think i look sooo cool in it that i'm having no business wearing it recently.
  4. reading dictionary before going to sleep. it is always there on my bedside table. i mean, it's interesting, u should try.
  5. stalking on stranger's blog. i've been doing this since last year and still cant get my eyes off this husband and wife's blog which in my opinion, the most fascinating photoblog i've ever set my eyes upon.
  6. listening to symphony(beethoven, mozart, schubert). i find a very undescribable pleasure out of it.
  7. babies
  8. chicken curry. i never took any notice on it before but it tastes great once i'm in the uk.
  9. photo grey glasses. it keeps me happy under the sunlight.
  10. surprise party!!! do throw me one

move on to the things i hate

  1. assignment. frankly, it's my greatest fear.
  2. teddy bear. they are useless. period
  3. snoozing alarm. who doesnt?
  4. skinny jean. it's evil. and it doesnt work for me. myb that's the sole reason why it is evil
  5. having to wake up late at night to go to the loo. it keeps me in a terrible mood doing juz that.
  6. presenting research. wasting too much time on being nervous.the way i see it, it should be banned.
  7. red carpet. for some silly reason, i juz don like it.
  8. unplanned wedding. it might as well turn out to be meaningless.
  9. myspace. i don need to have reason for everything, do i?
  10. pet. alergic betul!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

my letter to assignment

3 parham court, parham road,
CT1 1TX, Canterbury,
Kent, United Kingdom.
12th November 2009
dear assignment,
gimme a break!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

nottingham games 2009

sori guys all these pix mix up x ikut kronology. nvr mind, y penting, views!