Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my new duvet cover.

juz looking at it makes me feel like dozing off...

Monday, October 26, 2009

the ideal situation


Saturday, October 24, 2009

nasi lemak

our first nasi lemak in england. feast!

last night i've got a weird dream. it was about nasi lemak. haha. wat on earth. lame even. mcm xde mende len nk mimpi. and in this strangely lame dream, i was in the kitchen, having not a single idea on where to start cooking nasi lemak, (yes, that explains the title). vividly, i can see myself trying very hard to find the something. but wat was that something? i was lost in my own dream!

then, puff!! the dream stops there. i was back in my bed. tula tido lepas subuh lg. kan dh mimpi ridiculous. myb i was overly excited and determined to prepare the breakfast, i cant help myself dreaming bout it. should i call it a nightmare anyway? after some doing-nothing moment off i go washing my face before proceeding to my daly routine.

the nasi lemak this morning was my first trial. and tell u what, it was mind bogglingly delicious. haha. puji diri sendiri. yela sape lg nk puji kalo bukan diri sendiri ye tak. feel like being in malaysia again. feel like home. oh how i miss my country which nasi lemak is evrywhere to be seen. more interesting is that i dont need to work hard on it. tggal order je...

now i've cooked my own nasi lemak, i was thinking of opening my own nasi lemak business. haha. how ambitious i am. those out there y rse kempunan makan nasi lemak, feel free to let me know. harga boleh runding. u'll get a great deal. i guarantee. get nus now and demand extra! extra sambal. hehe...


Friday, October 23, 2009

university is all about spending money

i'm working out my budget right now. paying the one year accomodation in one shot fees has left me penniless. almost peniless. an boyfriendless, yeah, forgot to mention that.n being a poor student does make a boring life such as mine difficult. one of the most useful agenda for me now is planning my budget. so, how do i do that? the key is...put watever most relevant in the list or i will see myself starve by the end of the term. u never can possibly imagine what my feeling is right now living in england with 200 pound in my pocket untill november. pray hard the book allowance will be there to save me juz in time. till then, instead of eating chicken curry everyday, i'll be eating pasta alternatively.

now let me tell u what i have done wif the money apart from paying the fees. i gamble. ha. ha. joking. like anyone else back in malaysia, i've started to fancy clothes. and that is technically weird. coz i never was back then. n overcoming it requires me to summon all the courage i've got n fortunately i did overcome it. with the thougt of having almost nothing to eat, i did it! see, how helpful scary thought is. get back to what-i-have-done-with-my-money topic, i got myself a printer, dictionary, books, new dovet, table lamp, furniture, mercedez benz...and so on...ok, again,i was kidding. the table lamp and furniture have been there since i arrived n the mercedez sounds a little bit exaggerating. juz wanna make sure my list is lengthy enough to convince everyone that i've spent the money wisely. trying to justify myself of using up all the money helps me feeling better. since there's nothing else i can do about it.n i'm here to tell u this false premise.

next week is a reading week. but again dont be fooled by the terminology. it's not reading u've got to do. it's everything. from reading, researching, blackboarding, webmailing, wikiing, anthony n cleopatraing, u name it....n this shows that we spent most of our lives inging! i'm trying hard in convincing myself a penniless life is no excuse to ignore those work. n there are also few more important things to do rather than envying those lucky friends of mine going to nottingham next week. not only they will get to see other part of england, they can make a lot of friends and gain new experience out of such activities..n that annoys me the most. looking at my financial status, i dont stand a chance to do so...

well, nothing to be too nervous about right...this money matters. the combination of walking, reading, cooking watching movies and sleeping can make me forget bout it in no time. sleeping always keeps me happy in this cold weather.i know i will be doing great coz i've got Allah wif me all the time.right? so, cheers then.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


tribute to arwah abah...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Al-fatihah buat abah..

he lives in our memory forever...

pg td abah(my uncle) tggalkan kami sume...nk terduduk dpt msg y abah dh kembali ke rahmatullah... susah nk caye. air mate deras mengalir...cepat2 kol acu.belum sempat acu cakap pe2, dh melalak dlm fon. acu suh sedekahkan yasin utk arwah abah. tu je y kak ngah boleh buat sbb kak ngah jauh. rsenye mcm bru lg je skype dgn abh. die suh keje n melancong kat europe kalo ade can. teringat lg mse arwah mrh2 before sending me to airport. he freaked out. i know that for sure. mesti abah takut if i mess up trtggal brg sume. n he seemed so reluctant to take picture wif me before i got in the car. x tau nape. n one thing he kept telling me, for the last two weeks i was in malaysia. tah dpt jumpa angah lg ke x dh lepas ni. myb sbb abah mmg menghidap diabetes y kronik so make sense jugak kalo die cakap mcm tu.yet at that moment, i didnt take the words seriously sgt. never had i imagined he will go when i am away....

Al-Fatihah buat abah...semoga roh abah dicucuri rahmat dn ditempatkan dikalangan org yg beriman. amin.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

for some reason, i like diz pix

finally, i've managed to open a hsbc bank account and surprisingly, it only took me less than 15 minutes. it has been extremely exciting and comforting for me to finally have my own bank account. i need to convince myself that there has always a blessing in disguise. after all things that happened, God knows wat is the best. la kulli nafsan illa wus'aha. tidak diuji seseorang hamba itu melainkan dengan kesanggupannya. this is certainly true. the same goes to us. i've always whined about everything without realising that every single thing that happened in life has its own reason. so we need to work hard for the better and juz leave the rest to Him. therefore, from now on, i'll do anything to make sure that my life is a success. wat a resolution. mentioning about succes, my attempt to do some reading about language teaching is still has not been a success. on its own, reading can be quite boring. or to be more precise, depressing. haha. my head is still wandering somewhere else for quite few reasons. oh, subuh is already here...cheers.
solat itu lebih baik dr tdur...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

lloyd tsb

the only idea that gives me a headache right now is opening a bank account. Allah nk uji kot. we are put in so much trouble before we can use our debit card to shop online. n paying the accomodation fees of course. people around me are making such a big fuss of having a bank account n i am no exception. i mean, wat's wrong with not having it?

actually, the lloyd people are messing up wif us recently. we are told to go back again and again waiting for the system recover. i have not much thing to say about this bank which doesnt charge people monthly but somehow, this problem really needs to be adressed in other words, i feel like being fooled. i wonder if it takes forever before we can open a bank account here. (only if u guys know wat i mean). dealing wif them is not as easy as it looks but i'm going strong with this, don worry. so that leaves us wif natwest n hsbc to think about.

other than banking in the uk, another real issue we are facing here is cashing the travellers cheques. being the richest students in the campus is not making us happy at all. instead of being a happy rich person, i've become more nervous than usual when money is concerned. a lousy girl wif a great sum of money to deal wif. i really need my parents take care of my money. at least it's not my fault if it got stolen. oh, how i miss u mom! my friend did tell us that cashing some of the cheques in london would be a brilliant idea as it's worth more than the coach ticket. so off i go, to london tomorro.

life is taking a routine on me. go to class, go back home, do watever i want, n that's all. end of my day. n most of the watever things are taking place indoor due to the unbearable autumn. n the bad news is, it's gonna get thousand times colder than this for the next few months. so i tgh weather shockla skang ni. waktu smayang pun x tentu hala. easily changed. thus it is a useful thing to remember bringing ur qiblat compass and spare stockings wherever u go. make sure it is always there in the bag.

unfortunately, i might have to skip a class attending my lloyd bank appointment next week. but for some reason, i don feel like going. u know, i hate the feeling of being left out. as the homework is piling up everyday, i don wanna make it worse by missing some classes. it will only add up to the burden. but i dont have choice, do i? hence, bye elt n sorry john.

obviously, i am changing my attitude towards lecture here. i no longer wanna be passive in the class letting only others voice out their thoughts n sometimes mine. i'm trying hard to speak out everytime coz i don wanna get used of not doing it. back in malaysia, that was my mistake. so i don wanna repeat the same mistake here. talk as much as i like. that's exactly wat i'm gonna do. boosting up the confidence sounds so cool. n i love to be cool.

yeah, about fencing. the luke guy. he's soooo cute. n cute. n cute. couldnt help myself staring at him during our first fencing session. now, here's the story. we didnt have a single idea about wat fencing is all about untill that night. with luke taking care of us, everything has become very very clear. hehe. gatal. oh yeah, he's doing his primary education n becoming a primary school teacher. obviously. he looks like one. a very adorable one...hehe,gatal lagi. looking forward to the next fencing. till then, cheers.

Friday, October 2, 2009

eid malaysia 2009

this blog has been so full of me recently i've decided to put some pixs of my family during the eid. feast ur eyes!
that's my aunt, my mom in the middle, n another aunt of mine which i happen to call mama. n that guy sitting on the chair is my abah(uncle)

mom n naning. n yup, she looks a little bit like me.

iya and ipah

my beloved grandmom

dgr takbir raye pn leh fell asleep ke? btw, that's zahidah, sis n one of my kazen

favourite aunt and ika

my mom's siblings and grandmom

guess someone's missing there? they purposely left some space there to remind me of my absence

MY family without me

without me again

tiga serangkai memburu gelaran

fuiyoh, cunnye minah y bju pink tu. nk nombor nk nombor!

sis, u seems like u've lost some weight n naning, it's the other way round. she put on some, didnt she?

deep down here, i miss u guyz...