Sunday, July 5, 2009

i am fired!

here comes the hectic moment again....thank God i was fired from my job...hehe...i hate to put it dat way. actually, i was not reallyy fired, but they said the PPD doesnt have any budget for guru ganti. d heck? isolated case abis. x pnah aku dgr cikgu ganti xde peruntukan. sarapla cikgu skolah tu nk relief class cikgu tgh maternity leave tu...haha...serve them right. by firing me, they dunno wat they have juz missed!

btw, do i get any bonus pouint if i care? teaching there was no fun at all. with small kids who didnt even pay attention to me, i felt like i'd prefer to be gone with the wind. hopefully none of the teachers there will come across my blog.huhu. otherwise i'll be a dead meat.

however, a week teaching in a primary school does give me a lesson and a preview of my life for the next 20 years. (if i happen to get my degree by then). to tell the truth, it is no bed of roses at all... so, i just stick to my stand that i am not ready to be a teacher yet. the time will come but not now, that is for sure. those kids, selak suh aq cite antu, pas cite antu, cite antu. x seram lansung lak tu aku cite.busan tahap nyamuk. darah tinggi dibuatnye, nk blasah kang anak org...

thank God for laying an opportunity in front of me to run away from there. a perfect time and a perfect coincidence. i was thinking of quitting, but instead of being succesful in making a move, i was fired! at least xla nampak kuang ajar sgt aku ni kan. juz it was quite hard for me to hide my smiling face in front of the headmaster when he apologized to me. u r juz doing the right thing, sir.

hohoho..i feel like christmas all over again...