Tuesday, November 30, 2010

an entry finally


now that it's snowing like u can never imagine outside, one cannot refuse to make full use of the snow. well, snow's here again(we have an inch already). and snowman too...as a result of our 'gigih' effort to build our own snowman in the backyard. the funny thing was, we were caught by our neighbour (funny that we never know his name) while rolling some snowballs at the back of his house and it was so embarassing! it sounds as if we werent allowed to make snowman,but no. the feeling is just so traumatic. but in the end, i was incredibly pleased with our effort. having spent a cold frost biting evening out there in the backyard, the feeling is so rewarding. the world looks much nicer when it snows...

snowman in the making

i name our snowman, 'snowman'. how cool is that?

welcome to this cruel world, snowman.

i can never get enouh of u snowman

looking forward to build his pack of children...wait till he breeds.

so christmas is well on its way...