Sunday, July 3, 2011



ca va? well, well, well, i'm making a comeback. u just wait.

nvr mind,

my fingers are itching to write now.

i am on holiday

summer holiday

i love the seaside and going away.

but havent got nuff money for the going away

so i opted for the former, seaside, which is more economical.

it's located in folkestone, hence the title.

so in the beginning, i was planning to build a sandcastle.

but u can imagine my surprise upon finding out there wasnt any!

guess this beach is like no other.

strange beach.

so we just camwhored.

which is kinda cool too.

the photos fill me wif cheer

thinking that it just costs me 5.5 pound

for this trip


next time i'll bring my swimsuit.

the sea water was like freezing cold!

the gojes fiza wif her gojes dress. might look good on me too, dont u think?

doing some kind of hat trick.

magic, isnt it?

thank u.

up next, more cool stuff.

for now, i'm out.


EmIRA said...

korang g side mane ek? me and ila ritu jumpe yg sandy beach die jer..teringin nak g yg pebble nie..

zz said...

r u sure that was folkestone u went to? ke broadstairs. coz i didnt see no sand...haha...perhaps it was on the other side of the island(joking) hehe...or myb we just went to the pebbles and overlooked the could be there somewhere. who knows?